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  Resource Room is a public space that provides resources for all students to use. To maintain a comfortable, tidy, and pleasant atmosphere in the student space, we need to create it together. Please adhere to the following agreements:

I Computer Area
1.There are four computers, one printer, and one shredder in this area. Please prioritize wheelchair users to use the leftmost computer.
2.Computers are dedicated to academic and study-related tasks such as uploading assignments and printing documents. Please refrain from using them for gaming or non-academic purposes such as watching shows. 
3.The shared cabinet space above the computer area is available for temporarily storing personal study items. Please remember to take your belongings with you when you leave to avoid loss. The Resource Room is not responsible for safeguarding personal items.
4.To use the printer, consider its primary purpose for learning. You can approach faculty members or load value onto your student printing card. The printer has functions for photocopying, printing, and scanning. If you encounter any issues or problems, feel free to seek assistance from the counter staff.

II Seating Area
1.There are eight chairs in this area. Before leaving, please arrange the chairs properly and tidy up personal belongings.
2.This area is an open space. Please keep it clean and peaceful, and avoid making noise. Dispose of garbage properly and clean up any stains on the desks.
3.To facilitate flexible use of the space, please refrain from occupying desks or seats with personal items for extended periods. When leaving, remember to take your personal belongings to avoid loss.

III Tea and Refreshment Area
1.Keep the refrigerator clean. If there are stains, please clean them yourself. When storing food, remember to label it with your name and the date to avoid confusion.
2.Keep the water dispenser clean to prevent contamination from spilling beverages or food residues. This is important for environmental hygiene and personal health.
3.Keep the microwave clean. If any food spills, thoroughly clean and wipe both the inside and outside to prevent bacterial growth and food contamination. A user manual is provided above the microwave for your reference.
4.The sink is only for handwashing and cleaning utensils. Please maintain cleanliness after use. Dispose of food waste properly according to the waste classification system, and do not pour it directly into the sink to avoid clogging the pipes and generating bacteria and odors.
5.The tea and refreshment area has a small station providing snacks and beverages for all visiting students to relieve stress and relax. To ensure sustainable operation, please consume food and beverages only within the Resource Room and do not take them outside to other student spaces.
6.After using reusable cups, plates, and utensils, please wash and place them back in their original location for the convenience of the next user.

IV Recycling and Trash Area
1.There are separate bins for general trash and recycling. Please follow the school's regulations and practice proper waste separation.
2.Rinse recyclable items before disposing of them to prevent bacterial growth and odor.
3.Before holidays, seal leftover food, fruits, and packed meals in plastic bags before throwing them into the trash to avoid food spoilage and odor during the break, which can affect environmental hygiene.

V Interpersonal Interaction Area
Having a wonderful space, let's cultivate good habits and develop high-quality humanistic qualities that can help improve our social skills. We look forward to everyone visiting the Resource Room:
1.When meeting, please greet each other and share smiles.
2.Speak softly and treat each other with respect.
3.Use polite phrases such as "please," "thank you," and "I'm sorry."
4.Exercise empathy and consider each other's difficulties.
5.Be considerate of others and offer help when needed.


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